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Students’ take: Laptop search in ports, Private information on legal repositories, and Online OG (2S, SY11-12)

During the second semester of SY 2011-2012, my students in Technology and the Law were given the task of discussing (1) whether laptop searches in airports are valid, (2) whether persons/litigants can ask online repositories containing decisions of the Supreme Court to remove information therein as it affects their rights of privacy, and (3) whether publication in gov.ph is sufficient publication under the law. These are their opinions on the subject matters:

(1) Gov.ph and the Official Gazette (10 December 2011), (2) Information in legal posts (3 March 2012), (3) Laptop searches (15 March 2012)

No verifiable post(s): Badillo (3), Cureg (1,2,3) Olano (1,2,3), Sala (1,2,3), Salaum (1), Tolentino (3). Unposted, but submitted: Badillo (1), Buhay (1,2,3), Gonzalbo (2), Oleriana (1,2,3), Tolentino (2)

Batch 11′s contents are mirrored in AUSL Tech & Law blog.

Who do you think is persuasive? on point?

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