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Notes Repository (AUSL 2002-2006; Haystacks)

It was during the second year of my law school studies (SY 2003-2004) that I started to create a new format for my case notes, since I observed that some cases in the previous year were reiterated in the higher subjects. Resort to previously made digests was inappropriate, since the issues focused were different. I created these notes, which I called “Haystacks,” to outline all legal details provided in the cases’ discussions, to serve as source documents when I would need to create case digests, appropriate to the issues relevant to the subjects in which the cases could be reiterated anew.


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Notes Repository (AUSL 2002-2006; Narratives)

Case digests would have been sufficient to focus on relevant doctrines articulated in the cases required in class. However, the short form designed for handwritten digests was inadequate to respond — as to certain details — to certain questions a professor would ask during recitations. Hence, I had to prepare longer narrations of the case (i.e. as much as possible, on a chronological manner), with the holding somehow combining the case doctrine and the ultimate outcome of the case.


  • Corporation Law, Commercial Law Review (SY 2005-2006, Prof. Zarah Villanueva-Castro) (PDF, 883.0 KB)
  • Negotiable Instruments Law, Commercial Law Review (SY 2005-2006, Prof. Zarah Villanueva-Castro) (PDF, 524.3 KB)
  • Insurance Law, Commercial Law Review (SY 2005-2006, Prof. Zarah Villanueva-Castro) (PDF, 492.3 KB)

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Notes Repository (AUSL 2002-2006; Digests)

When I was in law school (SYs 2002-2006), I found it more efficient to prepare the case digests using a computer. It was only at the time when my case digests appear sufficient in their electronic form, did I start to write the case digests by hand, as required in most early law school subjects. Compilations of some of the said soft copies are provided below.


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