Constitutional Law I

Outline version

  • [v.1.0]: SY 2011-2012, First Semester, Second Term for Trimester, and Second Semester
  • [v.1.5]: SY 2012-2013, First and Second Semesters
  • [v.2.0]: SY 2013-2014, First Semester

Flow of Discussion and Readings

I General Considerations [v.2.0]
II Amendments to or Revisions of the Constitution [v.2.0]
III-A State [v.2.0]
III-B State Immunity [v.2.0]
IV Judicial Branch
V Legislative Branch

===== ideal cut-off for midterms =====

VI Executive Branch
VII Separation of Powers
VIII Delegation of Powers
IX Constitutional Commissions
X Other Constitutional Offices and Bodies
XI Local Government
XII Principles and Policies
XIII Miscellaneous Matters


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