Notes Repository (AUSL Project Phoenix 2008)

When I passed the bar in 2007, Atty. Jaime “Jimmy” N. Soriano took me under his wing, at the e-Law Center of the Arellano University School of Law. In 2008, in anticipation of the 2008 bar examination, Jimmy pursued a project, called “Project Phoenix,” which was aimed to assist a very special set of bar examinees for that year. He tasked me to gather doctrinal updates or reiteration, for Political Law and Civil Law, from cases decided in 2007. The contents of the documents below were the one submitted to Jimmy.

I take this opportunity to thank Jimmy, who has been an older brother to me. May he rest in peace.

[+] Atty. Jaime N. Soriano (3 January 1961 – 30 July 2012)

For those who may not be aware, he introduced Creative Commons in the Philippines (being its first Project Lead in the country); and was a primary proponent (being the copyright holder of optical-based legal resource “PhilJuris”) of the free online legal resource “LawPhil ,” the latter being maintained and further developed by the Arellano Law Foundation .


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